Annyong hase GO-GO!

A visual cake-walk down the grimy road to immaculate adventure and discovery in Korea.


Now that the Makgeoli is flowing once more…

I always wondered why it was that from time to time I would come upon a blog post where the curator/blog person would apologize to their audience, as to avoid hurt feelings. Af if it was in disservice that they were not able to post recently or had gotten out of the habit for a while. 
Now it seems that I find myself in that situation. 
I started this blog over a year ago, just as I’d gotten to Korea.
During the last few months left in my year long contract, I became distracted in the way only extended strings of goodbyes can distract. My god, it seemed as if a meaningful friend made in this land left every other weekend. There were hugs and dancing and shots of tequila, hangovers, tears and more dancing. 
Then of course, came my turn to hang my hat, and that brought upon its own round of distractions. 
Before leaving Korea for the United States, I managed to find a great new job in the same city I’d been living in, Cheonan. 
It worked out that I would be able to take about a four month vacation to visit home, be there for my niece’s birth, and attend a close friend’s wedding before  returning to Korea. 
Well, i did. Now I’m back. 
And I’m full of all sorts of ideas and motivation. 

You’ll see that I’ll start posting up a lot more selfies, as it is part of a new project of mine. A sort of daily journal I’ve quested myself into. More details on that later.

For now, I’m done with the chit chat and will get on to the reason I hoped you’d click on by. Hereby are a renewed flow of photos. 
(and in all sincerity)
-From me to you

Raymundo Aguirre
a.k.a. The Ray Teacher

People of the street. 

A quick little BnW triptych down the streets of Seoul.

Further street shots

Looking around for some souvenirs.